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So you really want to know more about Joe Delia, eh?


Anyway, I started writing in September 2008 after deciding that I should channel my obsession with the video games industry into something useful. I’ve danced around the business before (winning a trip to e3 with Sony back in ’04, having a video that I co-created pop up during the Nintendo 2007 e3 Press Conference, and…uhmthis for Microsoft), but I realized that writing about games was something that I would like to pursue.

After stumbling upon the VGJN, I heard about how The Game Reviews was hiring new writers. Two nerve-wracking days later, my budding journalism career was born!

Since then, I have been working on honing my writing to a point where it is actually readable, joined up with Sinan Kubba for the phenomenal Big Red Potion podcast (on which I am now the second chair), continued to provide a steady stream of content for TGR, submitted reviews to other sites such as GameZone, HonestGamers, and GamingTarget, been to my first press-only publisher event, covered a major expo,  made it to MetaCritic, and was promoted to the role of Previews Director for TGR. I also occasionally post at That VideoGame Blog, an awesome site with a great pool of talent. More recently, it was my honor to be a part of GamePro Arcade before it was shut down, which was as awesome as it was short lived.

That’s me…under the Chief. Yep.


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